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My Favourite Eye Cream

As we all know, one area of the face that ages the quickest is the eye area 😦

If using an eye cream is not part of your daily routine, I would recommend adding it in now – you can’t use a normal face cream on your delicate eye area and eye creams are developed to help with a variety of problems that only occur around the eyes, such as; bags and dark circles as well as lines and wrinkles. A good eye cream is an essential in my opinion 🙂

I suffered with puffy eyes and dark circles long before I noticed any fine lines but when I saw those starting to crop up, I knew I needed to find a really good eye cream that would treat all of those areas. Easy peasy you may think…unfortunately not. My search went on for a good couple of years. I tried expensive creams, cheap ones and everything in between and nothing seemed to noticeably help. Until I tried Boots Time Delay anti-ageing eye cream. 

Boots eye cream

I can honestly say, this is the best eye cream I have ever come across at a really affordable price (usually between £5 and £8). It seems to treat all the issues in the eye area in one handy cream. I have recommended it to lots of people who are now using it and most recently recommended it to my sister and she has agreed that she really can see a difference ❤

I can certainly tell if I have run out and not been able to use it for a couple of days…and that to me says it all. I now have at least 2 in my possession at any given time, which is handy as I keep giving one away when I recommend it! LOL! 😉

Definitely a product worthy of a blog post recommendation from me to you 😀

With love, Tash ❤ x

Protein Powder Made Simple – The Organic Protein Company


A couple of years ago, I decided to start using a calorie tracker to keep on top of what I was eating. (I no longer count calories as I found it very restrictive… I’ll delve further into this in a separate blog post as it’s worthy of it’s own 😉 ) Anyway, back to this blog post…the calorie tracker also tracked my macro-nutrients  (fat, carbs and protein) which I found utterly fascinating. I learnt quite quickly that the macro I wasn’t getting enough of, was protein.

All of the macro-nutrients (along with micro-nutrients) are important to incorporate into your diet and protein is important for a number of reasons: –

  • Vital for building strong muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and blood
  • Builds and repairs tissue
  • A component of every cell in the body including hair, skin and nails
  • Helps to make chemicals, enzymes and hormones

Unlike fat and carbohydrate, our bodies don’t store protein so when it runs out there is nothing to draw on when needed, therefore we have to ensure we are getting the right amount daily. This doesn’t mean constantly eating large amounts of steak or chugging on protein shakes all day. For the average person, protein should make up roughly 20% of our daily diet. 

As a food source it’s not as readily available as carbs and fat. I for one, am guilty of reaching for a wholemeal pitta or slice of toast when the hunger pangs hit and this is definitely partly to blame for my lower levels of protein intake.

To increase my consumption of protein, I decided to add some protein powder shakes into my diet and my search for a good, pure protein source began.

If you have ever searched for a protein powder, you’ll know that there are thousands on the market… I mean literally thousands. All with different flavours and different additives. Some of them are diet protein powders, some are bulking powders, the list of different types is endless and very confusing.

My husband uses one that is a diet whey powder so I decided to try that. BIG MISTAKE! His diet protein contains a whole host of things that are meant to help speed up your metabolism and supply energy etc. and all it did was make me really anxious and jittery.

So I then moved on to a strawberry flavoured protein powder from a popular brand and found that this one gave me a really horrible aftertaste 😦 Sooo frustrating!

I decided to really consider what I was looking for. I sat back and thought, ‘I just want an organic clean and simple whey protein powder that hasn’t been tampered with, has nothing added and no flavours so it will go well with anything I put in a smoothie or in my baking experiments and doesn’t make me anxious or give me a bad taste in my mouth!’ 

So that was what I searched for and I finally came across The Organic Protein Company

These guys have got what I was looking for and more. Their protein powder is not only creamy and delicious with anything I put it with, they only use one ingredient; organic whey protein. Nothing else! Finally! The powder is additive free, gluten free, soy free, gm free and hormone free and they care about where they source their product from. More info on them can be found via the link to their website above 🙂

I add it to smoothies, porridge, pancakes and in lots of my baking recipes.

I highly recommend it as a pure alternative to some of the other protein powders on the market.

You can order via Amazon or direct from their website.

Hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

With love, Tash x